SolCreeps NFT

The most diabolical NFT collection out there

Mint About

The Mint

Date: January 24th, 9am UTC

Platform: Solana

Mint Price: 0.5 SOL

Quantity: 3000

Whitelist available in Discord

The mint price is the same for all minters. Whitelisting gives access to the mint 30 minutes before the public. This is to provide a better minting experience and prevent botting attacks.


Item's Rarity

100 Rare Heads and Special Arms

180 Rare Heads and Regular Arms

220 Normal Heads and Special Arms

2500 Normal Heads and Regular Arms

Unique "Golden" Weapons

How to mint a SolCreep?

Connect your Solana wallet and click the "Mint" button on the top of the page

When the NFT is dropping?

The minting is set on January 24th at 9am UTC!

Can i mint from the mobile?

We highly recommend you not to do so. Please, use the desktop or laptop for minting SolCreeps

How many SolCreeps are there and is there any limit?

There will be total of 3,000 NFTs released